HOWTO: Move SMS messages from Nokia Symbian phone to Android

Nokia Symbian market share keeps decreasing and many people are choosing other alternatives. Android is the choice of many.

However, it’s not always easy to migrate to a new phone. Contacts and photos is one thing but you might also want to move SMS text messages to your new shiny phone because there are important addresses, passwords and other stuff you’d like to access easily or just because you want to be organized and keep everything in the same place.

Here we are going to present a path you can follow to have your messages moved from Nokia Symbian phone to an Android phone so that the messages appear in the Android message box like any other SMS. Note that not all phones are the same and your mileage may vary. That said, we’ve used this method with many Nokia phones and everything has worked out perfectly.

What you will need (read carefully):

1. Windows PC

For copying messages from Nokia phone and to Android.

2. Nokia Symbian phone

Almost any Symbian phone should work as long as Nokia PC Suite supports it and it can be attached to a PC.

3. Android phone

This is the phone the messages will be copied to. We are going to copy the SMS messages as regular files to the phone’s storage so there must be some (not much) storage space available.

4. Necessary cables and drivers to connect both phones to your PC

The phones do not need to be simultaneously connected. So if both phones can use the same cable (micro-USB for instance), you’ll only need one cable to make it work. Make sure you can access the files in the Android phone through Windows Explorer (just like a memory card or USB stick). If you can’t, you may need a cardreader to connect the Android phone’s memory card to the PC.

5. Nokia PC Suite software

Download from Nokia website ( Be sure to download the older ”Nokia PC Suite”, not the new ”Nokia Suite”. This is because the needed export functionality seems be missing from the newer ”Nokia Suite” software. If your phone only works with ”Nokia Suite”, you’re out of luck.

6. VMG Converter for Android

This is a free tool made by AOE for importing VMG files into Android. You’ll need this app to copy messages into Android SMS message storage.

Install VMG Converter from Google Play:

Recent versions of VMG Converter supports Android 4.4 (Kitkat) and it can successfully import most Nokia and Samsung VMG file variants.


OK. Now we are ready to start the copying!

 Step 1: Download and install Nokia PC Suite.

Direct download from

Note: You may need to reboot after the installation.

Step 2: Connect the Nokia phone to your PC.

Step 3: Open Nokia PC Suite.

You can find the icon in the Start menu or desktop.

Step 4: Wait until the phone is connected to PC Suite, then click ”Messages”.

”Messages” is the yellow envelope icon on the content view.

Step 5: Choose a folder from ”Message folders” on the left.

You should be seeing folders like Inbox, Sent, Archive and Drafts, pretty self-explanatory. Just click one of the folders.

Step 6: Choose the messages you wish to copy.

Multi-select using the Control key.

Step 7: Right mouse button → ”Copy” (or Ctrl-C)

Step 8: Open Windows Explorer

Choose a temporary folder, for instance ”C:\Temp\mymessages”, or create one if you need to.

Step 9: Right mouse button → ”Paste” (or Ctrl-V)

Messages will be saved to the current folder as files that have the extension ”.VMG”. If you want to copy some more messages, just repeat steps 5 to 9.

Step 10: Connect the Android phone to your PC.

Enable mass storage mode to browse phone files.

Step 11: Copy message files.

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the temp folder. This is the folder where you pasted the *.vmg files in step 9. Select all *.vmg files and choose “Copy” from the right mouse button menu (or press Ctrl-C).

Step 12: Navigate to the phone memory.

You should see the Android phone in Windows Explorer as a drive letter or device. Navigate to ”Phone”. This may look different depending on driver configuration, operating system and the manufacturer of your phone. Normally this is the place where you would access the Android device’s files like music or photos. Preferably navigate to the root of the Phone ”drive” because that is where VMG Converter will search for the *.vmg files by default.

Then choose “Paste” from the right mouse button menu (or press Ctrl-V). This will start copying the message files into the Android phone.

Step 13: Disconnect Android mass storage device

Make sure everything has been written properly before disconnecting.

Note: It is important to disconnect, because Android apps cannot access the storage if the memory is mounted to a computer as a USB drive and VMG Converter wouldn’t be able to find your files.

Step 14: Install VMG Converter from Google Play

Search for VMG Converter in Google Play app on your Android phone or go to and install.

Step 15: Open VMG Converter

When VMG Converter starts, it displays a list of messages, if it has found your *.vmg files. If not (error message in red), you must change the path to correspond the folder where the *.vmg files are. In recent versions of VMG Converter there is also an automatic search feature for finding storage folders with VMG files inside; try that if you don’t know the correct path. If you still can’t find them, use a file explorer app (there are loads of them to choose from in Google Play, we prefer Total Commander), note the folder path, and return to VMG Converter.

Note: If you encounter incompatible files when using VMG Converter, you can send an error report through Menu >> View Log… >> Report.

Step 16: Import messages

Choose all or some of the messages listed in VMG Converter and press ”Import”. After a while the import completes. If everything worked, your messages can now be seen in Android messages as ordinary conversation threads.

Note: Android 4.4 users will be prompted by Android to choose VMG Converter as the default SMS application. After the import operation you will be prompted to switch back to your original default SMS application.

Phew… That’s it!